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586 Resolving bug for the french ministry of defence:
- Explicit error message for a virus detection
- Undefined progressbar instead of non moving progressbar
cvargas 2961d 10h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
522 Fix last-minute bugs cvargas 2997d 08h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
518 Desactivated not rigorously tested Autoattachment cvargas 3007d 02h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
517 Correcting typos. cvargas 3007d 09h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
516 Adding removeSlashes for removing consecutive Slash in Linshare url. cvargas 3007d 09h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
514 Adding the minimum from which the attachments are sent with Linshare refs #51 cvargas 3007d 10h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
509 cvargas 3008d 09h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
508 cvargas 3008d 10h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
505 idem cvargas 3014d 10h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
504 Bug #139 and #126 fixed cvargas 3015d 04h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
225 All icons updated (new visual identity) dcarella 3408d 04h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
66 Add Thunderbird 3.0 compatibility rouazana 3497d 06h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
65 Fix MacOS Integration (#53) rouazana 3497d 08h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
61 Display message before signature rouazana 3500d 02h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
60 Fix previous commit rouazana 3500d 05h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
59 Fix some cases where custom message was not added rouazana 3500d 07h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
58 Ask for configuration if the add-on is not already configuration rouazana 3501d 01h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
54 Default button position is now just after "Send", not before rouazana 3501d 02h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
53 Fix icon in add-on menu rouazana 3501d 02h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/
52 First release of LinShare plugin for Thunderbird rouazana 3501d 02h /trunk/plugins/thunderbird/content/