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586 Resolving bug for the french ministry of defence:
- Explicit error message for a virus detection
- Undefined progressbar instead of non moving progressbar
cvargas 2814d 21h /trunk/
585 Updating sql scripts sduprey 2815d 14h /trunk/
584 Updating sql scripts sduprey 2815d 15h /trunk/
583 Updating localizer labels. sduprey 2815d 16h /trunk/
582 Updating date format for language nl (datepicker). sduprey 2815d 17h /trunk/
581 Adding incoherent internal user search for superadmin. sduprey 2815d 17h /trunk/
580 Adding cursor wait when sharing files. sduprey 2815d 20h /trunk/
579 Updating linkit upload component version. sduprey 2815d 20h /trunk/
578 Merging domain branch into trunk : 526 to 577 sduprey 2815d 21h /trunk/
525 Extracting messages configuration from Parameter class. sduprey 2842d 21h /trunk/
524 Deleting unused attributes in DomainPattern. sduprey 2843d 22h /trunk/
523 Update LDAPQueryServiceTest to user opends when test is launched. sduprey 2843d 22h /trunk/
522 Fix last-minute bugs cvargas 2850d 19h /trunk/
521 Begin of feature multi-domain, the tests may not succeed for the moment. sduprey 2855d 20h /trunk/
520 Fixed: bad url to documentation (links syntax of Redmine changed). sduprey 2856d 21h /trunk/
519 Fixed: bad date format in nl traduction file. sduprey 2856d 21h /trunk/
518 Desactivated not rigorously tested Autoattachment cvargas 2860d 14h /trunk/
517 Correcting typos. cvargas 2860d 20h /trunk/
516 Adding removeSlashes for removing consecutive Slash in Linshare url. cvargas 2860d 20h /trunk/
515 Adding default configuration in cvargas 2860d 21h /trunk/

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