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1134 Big cleanup, logging exceptions, removes unused files deprecated since Linshare 0.9 nbertrand 2494d 18h /trunk/
1133 Cleanup of the code : empty catch blocks, explicit boolean comparison and append single char with a char nbertrand 2494d 22h /trunk/
1132 Issue #417 : small fix. nbertrand 2495d 18h /trunk/
1131 Issue #417 : Ignored all tests in LogEntryRepositoryImplTest. nbertrand 2495d 18h /trunk/
1130 Issue #417 : Fixed ThreadRepositoryImplTest. nbertrand 2495d 18h /trunk/
1129 Issue #417 : Fixed AccountRepositoryImplTest. nbertrand 2495d 19h /trunk/
1128 Issue #417 : Fixed DocumentEntryRepositoryImplTest. nbertrand 2495d 19h /trunk/
1127 Issue #417 : Fixed FavouriteRepositoryImplTest. nbertrand 2495d 19h /trunk/
1126 Issue #417 : Fixed GuestRepositoryImplTest. nbertrand 2495d 19h /trunk/
1125 Issue #417 : TagRepositoryImplTest and UserRepositoryImplTest works nbertrand 2495d 20h /trunk/
1124 Issue #417 : making UserServiceImplTest pass nbertrand 2495d 21h /trunk/
1123 Issue #417: Fix UserServiceImplTest but 2 methods fails could not be resolve until the refund of the user deletion ctjhoa 2498d 18h /trunk/
1122 Issue #417: Remove some warnings in tests ctjhoa 2498d 20h /trunk/
1121 Issue #417: Add DocumentEntryServiceImplTest ctjhoa 2498d 20h /trunk/
1120 Issue #417 : Fixed some of UserServiceImplTest tests. nbertrand 2499d 18h /trunk/
1119 Cleanup, deleting useless files. nbertrand 2499d 20h /trunk/
1118 Issue #417: Fix MailNotifierServiceImplTest ctjhoa 2499d 21h /trunk/
1117 Issue #417: fixed SearchDocumentServiceImplTest
--Cette lign, et les suivantes ci-dessous, seront ignorées--

M src/test/java/org/linagora/linshare/service/
M src/main/java/org/linagora/linshare/core/domain/vo/
ctjhoa 2500d 00h /trunk/
1116 Issue #453 : global quota fixed nbertrand 2500d 02h /trunk/
1114 Adding a missing test file nbertrand 2501d 01h /trunk/

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