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Rev Log message Author Age Path
1909 LinShare tag 1.4.3 fmartin 1957d 17h /tags/linshare-1.4.3
1908 revert schema version in import scripts fmartin 1957d 17h /trunk/linshare
1907 Set LinShare version to 1.4.3 fmartin 1957d 17h /trunk/linshare
1906 Fix notification : notification removed when recipient delete his own share. fmartin 1957d 18h /trunk/linshare
1905 Adding migration scripts for the next version (1.5.0) fmartin 1957d 19h /trunk/linshare
1904 Migrated to fine uploader 4.1.0 in threads nbertrand 1958d 00h /trunk/linshare
1903 updated fineuploader to 4.1.0 nbertrand 1958d 17h /trunk/linshare
1902 Protection against colon added to upload file methods fmartin 1958d 23h /trunk/linshare
1897 internet Explorer Filted removed from SSO configuration. fmartin 1963d 18h /trunk/linshare
1895 Set LinShare version to 1.4.2 fmartin 1963d 19h /trunk/linshare
1894 removed old InternetExplorerCompatibilityFilter nbertrand 1963d 19h /trunk/linshare
1893 Issue #648: Fixed improprer handling of content-type application/json in IE8/9 and Firefox < 4.
Introduced a new json provider that produce text/plain.
nbertrand 1963d 20h /trunk/linshare
1891 Set LinShare version 1.4.1 fmartin 1968d 18h /trunk/linshare
1890 Fixed local decrypt page. fmartin 1968d 18h /trunk/linshare
1889 Fix h2 sql script. fmartin 1969d 15h /trunk/linshare
1886 Handling random Error 500 when we GET a form component (see comments in source for more details) nbertrand 1969d 18h /trunk/linshare
1885 Fix mysql schema and default import for 1.4 fmartin 1969d 19h /trunk/linshare
1884 Fix completion on favourite recipients fmartin 1969d 19h /trunk/linshare
1883 Fixed fatal error on domain administration page nbertrand 1969d 23h /trunk/linshare
1882 More fixes in mailing lists nbertrand 1969d 23h /trunk/linshare

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