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1633 Tag LinShare version 1.3.0 fmartin 2008d 20h /tags/linshare-1.3.0/
1632 Fix postgres migration script (drop table) fmartin 2008d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1629 Fix Unit cleanup. fmartin 2009d 13h /trunk/linshare/
1626 Fixed constants nbertrand 2009d 14h /trunk/linshare/
1625 - Update thread ihm bgerman 2009d 15h /trunk/linshare/
1624 some fixes + added more precises description of anonymous download logentry nbertrand 2009d 17h /trunk/linshare/
1623 Fix Too many open files bug in removeMissingDocuments batch fmartin 2009d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1622 Remove useless tables from postrgres schema (migration script). fmartin 2009d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1621 Fix default status for functionality NOTIFICATION_URL. fmartin 2010d 12h /trunk/linshare/
1620 Set LinShare version to 1.3.0. fmartin 2010d 13h /trunk/linshare/
1619 Fix Tests (CREATE_THREAD_PERMISSION, FILESIZE_MAX) fmartin 2010d 13h /trunk/linshare/
1618 Fixed slow thread entry listing + fixed autorefreshing of thread content when uploading new entries nbertrand 2010d 13h /trunk/linshare/
1617 Clean webservice name. Dissociate beans for admin webservices and user webservices ctjhoa 2010d 14h /trunk/linshare/
1616 Fix sql scripts (migration and format). fmartin 2010d 14h /trunk/linshare/
1614 Add update user role and merge old webservices ctjhoa 2010d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1612 Fix count for thread entries in admin ihm fmartin 2027d 12h /trunk/linshare/
1611 Refactorig : using ExceptionMapper now. AnalyseFault method was removed. fmartin 2027d 14h /trunk/linshare/
1610 Adding ExceptionMappers for BusinessException, WebApplicationException, and a default ExceptionMapper. fmartin 2027d 15h /trunk/linshare/
1609 Fix typo. fmartin 2027d 15h /trunk/linshare/
1608 Refresh button added. fmartin 2027d 19h /trunk/linshare/

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