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1385 Tag LinShare 1.2.3 fmartin 1952d 18h /tags/linshare-1.2.3/
1384 Formatting pom fmartin 1952d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1383 Set LinShare 1.2.3 fmartin 1952d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1382 Cleanup enums fromInt (DRY) nbertrand 1952d 21h /trunk/linshare/
1381 Issue #562: Added a new feature : partial mail search in History / Audit nbertrand 1952d 22h /trunk/linshare/
1380 Issue #561: Issue #563: fixed history / audit order and action date nbertrand 1953d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1379 Added a warning message in file uploader notifying max file size and free space left. nbertrand 1953d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1371 Issue #538: Fixed chenillekit OnEvent mixin, now working properly behind a https proxy nbertrand 1967d 22h /trunk/linshare/
1367 Refactor user service (find by uuid) fmartin 1973d 01h /trunk/linshare/
1366 Fixed signature detail displayer for ShareDocumentVo. fmartin 1973d 01h /trunk/linshare/
1364 Fixed spring schemas version from 2.0/2.5 to 3.0 nbertrand 1974d 00h /trunk/linshare/
1363 Issue #558: fixed side effect of previous fix (r1361) nbertrand 1974d 03h /trunk/linshare/
1362 Issue #554 : fixed mim type warning user message nbertrand 1974d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1361 Issue #558 : fixed mandatory restricted guest creation nbertrand 1975d 21h /trunk/linshare/
1359 Fixed PostgreSQL Schema script + added fix as a sql script for migration nbertrand 1981d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1358 Fix ldap auth test fmartin 1981d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1357 Set LinShare 1.2.2 fmartin 1981d 22h /trunk/linshare/
1356 Fix sequence value for linshare dump.
Reset domain used space.
fmartin 1982d 01h /trunk/linshare/
1355 Issue #547: fixed UserVo quals for unicity check (duplicate entries in search) nbertrand 1983d 01h /trunk/linshare/
1354 fix npe: unavailable uid attribute in ldap directory fmartin 1983d 21h /trunk/linshare/

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