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1192 Tag LinShare 1.0.1 fmartin 2072d 17h /tags/linshare-1.0.1/
1191 Set LinShare version to 1.0.1 fmartin 2072d 17h /trunk/linshare/
1190 Fix Description field name. fmartin 2072d 17h /trunk/linshare/
1189 Change "comment" field to "description" ctjhoa 2072d 18h /trunk/linshare/
1188 Issue #460 : Fixed bad ldap_uid assignation when updating a domain pattern nbertrand 2072d 21h /trunk/linshare/
1187 set an wrong error message to debug. fmartin 2073d 00h /trunk/linshare/
1186 Fixed domain creation and update nbertrand 2073d 00h /trunk/linshare/
1185 Feature #475: Add a rename popup in thread administration ctjhoa 2073d 01h /trunk/linshare/
1184 Feature #473: Add a new popup in order to edit thread file properties, add permissions in ThreadEntryService ctjhoa 2073d 21h /trunk/linshare/
1180 Adding TODO. fmartin 2076d 21h /trunk/linshare/
1179 fix typo. fmartin 2076d 21h /trunk/linshare/
1178 Feature #472: Seperate file fields in several column and add sorter ctjhoa 2077d 02h /trunk/linshare/
1177 Feature #476: Improve reset passord form ctjhoa 2077d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1176 fix configuration file used in install.xml (installer) fmartin 2077d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1175 Bug #439: Upgrade the LinThumbnail component ctjhoa 2077d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1173 Bug #470: Add log on error when document doesn't exist in filesystem ctjhoa 2077d 20h /trunk/linshare/
1171 Feature untracked : Add modification date in thread list, center the document count ctjhoa 2078d 18h /trunk/linshare/
1170 Feature #468: Improve code quality ctjhoa 2078d 18h /trunk/linshare/
1169 Feature #468: Add a default custom logo for the login page ctjhoa 2078d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1168 Feature #426: Add a button in thread administration to delete the current thread ctjhoa 2078d 20h /trunk/linshare/

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