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1018 tag linshare 1.0.0-beta-1 fmartin 2376d 16h /tags/linshare-1.0.0-beta-1/
1017 Nice ui for thread index page nbertrand 2376d 16h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1016 Creation of thread working properly nbertrand 2376d 16h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1015 cleaning up thread pages mess nbertrand 2376d 17h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1014 creation of threads nbertrand 2376d 17h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1012 updating linshare logo fmartin 2376d 19h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1011 fix LinShare version
bugged functionnality disabled
fmartin 2376d 19h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1010 fix useless variable fmartin 2376d 19h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1009 update pom : linshare version : 1.0.0-beta-1 fmartin 2378d 17h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1008 Cleaning up thread pages nbertrand 2382d 16h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1007 Correction of a bug affecting the deletion of thread entries nbertrand 2382d 17h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1006 Added backend support for ThreadViews nbertrand 2382d 17h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1005 Update dependencies fmartin 2383d 00h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1004 partial support of ThreadView nbertrand 2383d 16h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1003 update pom dependencies fmartin 2383d 20h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1002 Corrected ThreadUploadPopup behaviour nbertrand 2383d 22h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1001 Correction of a bug in Thread index page nbertrand 2383d 23h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
1000 Display of thread entries with 0, 1, 2 and 3 tags nbertrand 2384d 00h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
999 added 3 and 1 tree depth mode for Thread Entry visualisation nbertrand 2384d 16h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/
998 dynamic thread entries listing by tags using a graph nbertrand 2384d 18h /branches/linshare-full-upgrade/linshare/

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