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673 Linshare 0.9.6 release for Internet Explorer compatibility fmartin 2596d 09h /tags/linshare-0.9.6/
672 set 0.9.6 version fmartin 2596d 09h /trunk/linshare/
663 CSS modification for IE compatibility fmartin 2604d 02h /trunk/linshare/
661 release of the 0.9.5 Linshare version fmartin 2608d 02h /trunk/linshare/
657 Fix sql dev scripts
Fix pom.xml : mysql driver will be include in the default profile.
fmartin 2612d 02h /trunk/linshare/
656 Fix home title for simple users when secured storage is disallowed. fmartin 2616d 05h /trunk/linshare/
655 Fix Reset guest password feature
refs #241
fmartin 2616d 05h /trunk/linshare/
654 Mysql encoding fix. fmartin 2623d 04h /trunk/linshare/
653 Fix: remove embedded references to LinShare, now using property files fmartin 2626d 08h /trunk/linshare/
652 fix: adding jackrabbit patch for purge fmartin 2626d 08h /trunk/linshare/
651 fix: integration tests
adding: document service tests
fmartin 2626d 08h /trunk/linshare/
650 update default mail configuration. fmartin 2633d 06h /trunk/linshare/
646 Fix classpass, linshare version number, H2 fix fmartin 2643d 05h /trunk/linshare/
645 Fix : Enable the init function fmartin 2643d 05h /trunk/linshare/
643 Adding useful comments to mass domain creation script. fmartin 2645d 01h /trunk/linshare/
642 fmartin 2645d 01h /trunk/linshare/
641 Adding a mass domain creation script using sql queries (Mysql or Postgresql) fmartin 2645d 01h /trunk/linshare/
640 Add Mysql Support to the script
Fix Ids : auto_increment for mysql and sequence for postgresql.
fmartin 2645d 02h /trunk/linshare/
639 Fix error message in fmartin 2645d 09h /trunk/linshare/
638 FT #190: All log entries which are store in the database are also logged in slf4j logger. fmartin 2645d 09h /trunk/linshare/
637 user quota #221
display domain selection for superadmin only
slevesque 2646d 09h /trunk/linshare/
636 new profile for maven (local)
this profile set opends + local mail (mock)
slevesque 2647d 03h /trunk/linshare/
635 - fix: 'guest can create guest' option was disabled in the multiple domain update page. fmartin 2647d 05h /trunk/linshare/
634 local mail server (maven profile is localmail) slevesque 2647d 10h /trunk/linshare/
633 Fix : domain migration script 08 to 0.9 fmartin 2650d 09h /trunk/linshare/
632 fix bug with user quota #221
1)avoid null domain for user
2)evolution: add domain in the criteria
slevesque 2651d 03h /trunk/linshare/
631 - 'guest can create guest' option was disabled
- default domain parameters are stored in DB rather than hard coded
- domain admin page was created
fmartin 2652d 02h /trunk/linshare/
630 Add error trace when authentification query returns more than one result fmartin 2652d 02h /trunk/linshare/
629 Add debug trace for authentification process fmartin 2652d 02h /trunk/linshare/
628 bug #199 fix: delete user and domain in database (no search in ldap anymore) slevesque 2653d 05h /trunk/linshare/