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455 Fix: so little mistake but so huge consequence... a missing 's' and we can not download files anymore sduprey 2955d 17h /tags/linshare-0.8.3/
452 Updating tag 0.8.3 sduprey 2982d 16h /tags/linshare-0.8.3/
450 Little mistake in display order. sduprey 2982d 16h /trunk/linshare/
448 Adding possibility to choose before LinShare launch available locales for users. sduprey 2982d 17h /trunk/linshare/
447 Updating sql scripts for dutch translation sduprey 2982d 17h /trunk/linshare/
446 Moving to linshare 0.8.3 sduprey 2982d 18h /trunk/linshare/
444 Adding missing dutch sentences, thanks to Johan Feys. sduprey 2982d 20h /trunk/linshare/
443 Adding dutch translation feature. sduprey 2982d 22h /trunk/linshare/
442 Updating missing translations. sduprey 2982d 22h /trunk/linshare/
441 Updating and cleaning i18n utils. sduprey 2982d 22h /trunk/linshare/
440 Missing dutch sentences, thanks to Johan Feys. sduprey 2982d 23h /trunk/linshare/
439 Adding dutch translation files (missing 3 sentences).
Updating and cleaning i18n utils.
sduprey 2982d 23h /trunk/linshare/
431 fixes #154 :
Link "share with groups" still present whereas the groups functionality was not activated.
sduprey 2992d 18h /trunk/linshare/
399 Fixing linsign bug with jar path sduprey 2998d 15h /trunk/linshare/
380 test gbaret 2999d 22h /trunk/linshare/
375 Moving to LinShare 0.8rc2 sduprey 3006d 23h /trunk/linshare/
373 refs #150: fixing stacktrace when bad password is given in the password popup (secured url share). The popup now shake to notify a bad password. sduprey 3011d 19h /trunk/linshare/
372 refs #149: account occupation statistics, administration page. sduprey 3011d 21h /trunk/linshare/
371 fixes #78: moving to flexUploadComponent 0.6 sduprey 3012d 15h /trunk/linshare/
370 refs #111: svn version and compilation timestamp in sduprey 3012d 15h /trunk/linshare/

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