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374 Tagging LinShare 0.8.rc1 sduprey 3006d 22h /tags/linshare-0.8.1/
317 Fix bug: simple users can access administration pages sduprey 3076d 18h /branches/0.8/linshare/
300 Fix exceptions on logout (IllegalStateException and ResponseCompressionAnalyzerImpl.isCompressable NPE) (0.8 branch) sduprey 3209d 20h /branches/0.8/linshare/
298 Fixed: cannot share encrypted documents with groups. Needs a correction for the already shared problem. (0.8 branch) sduprey 3209d 22h /branches/0.8/linshare/
296 Fixed: localDecrypt and applet directories not allowed in access by spring security for the CAS config. (0.8 branch) sduprey 3209d 23h /branches/0.8/linshare/
293 MERGE trunk into linshare-0.8 branch sduprey 3213d 00h /branches/0.8/linshare/
292 Moving to 0.8rc1 sbahloul 3215d 01h /branches/0.8/linshare/
291 Including CAS client JAR inside default build lifecycle sbahloul 3216d 21h /branches/0.8/linshare/
282 Fix little mistake while selecting mail subject sduprey 3226d 19h /branches/0.8/linshare/
279 reporting revision r214 on 0.8 branch. Feature #11 Central Authentication Service SSO support (second release) improvement: login with uid or mail sduprey 3226d 22h /branches/0.8/linshare/
275 Feature #3: Groups management.

Notify member requesting other membership of the status of his request.
Notify new member when his membership is effective.
Notify the group that a shared file was deleted.
sduprey 3227d 16h /branches/0.8/linshare/
273 fixing spaces/newlines and include a cas profile sbahloul 3228d 15h /branches/0.8/linshare/
272 Feature #3: Groups management.

Send a notification to the group when a user add new files.
sduprey 3229d 00h /branches/0.8/linshare/
270 Feature #106: include launch informations in the end of the installation process. sduprey 3229d 16h /branches/0.8/linshare/
269 Feature #99: New email content filling system. Delete old unused mail templates. sduprey 3229d 19h /branches/0.8/linshare/
268 Feature #99: New email content filling system. Applied to the notification sent when shared files are downloaded. sduprey 3229d 20h /branches/0.8/linshare/
267 Feature #99: New email content filling system. Applied to the notification sent when a shared file is updated. sduprey 3229d 23h /branches/0.8/linshare/
266 Feature #99: New email content filling system. Applied to the notifications when files are shared. sduprey 3230d 00h /branches/0.8/linshare/
265 Fix test ShareServiceTest (NPE) sduprey 3237d 16h /branches/0.8/linshare/
264 Fix problem with H2 database for mail_template and mail_subject tables sduprey 3237d 16h /branches/0.8/linshare/

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