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377 Tagging LinShare 0.7.3 sduprey 3006d 22h /tags/linshare-0.7.3/
319 Moving to 0.7.3 sbahloul 3076d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/
318 Fix bug: simple users can access administration pages sduprey 3076d 18h /branches/0.7/linshare/
271 Feature #106: include launch informations in the end of the installation process (0.7 branche). sduprey 3229d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/
254 Adding xml pi sbahloul 3241d 23h /branches/0.7/linshare/
252 Handling indirect use of bytes array sbahloul 3241d 23h /branches/0.7/linshare/
234 Fixing Hudson URL sbahloul 3256d 09h /branches/0.7/linshare/
220 Bug #89: Logs are full of message about bad cookie.

Reporting tapestry 5.2 correction of blackbird.js:
sduprey 3265d 22h /branches/0.7/linshare/
214 Feature #11 Central Authentication Service SSO support (second release) improvement: login with uid or mail slevesque 3270d 21h /branches/0.7/linshare/
212 init script now can purge temporary files used by jetty tchemineau 3275d 14h /branches/0.7/linshare/
211 cronjob should not logs + add jetty purge job tchemineau 3275d 14h /branches/0.7/linshare/
209 add cronjob to backup linshare databases tchemineau 3275d 14h /branches/0.7/linshare/
207 Multiple delete for User tab is not coherent. Was an error of mine to add this button. sduprey 3275d 15h /branches/0.7/linshare/
206 reformated sbahloul 3276d 09h /branches/0.7/linshare/
205 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration sbahloul 3276d 13h /branches/0.7/linshare/
203 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release linshare-0.7.2 sbahloul 3276d 13h /branches/0.7/linshare/
201 cleaning project descriptor sbahloul 3276d 13h /branches/0.7/linshare/
200 Supporting another mail attribute as login attribute sbahloul 3276d 13h /branches/0.7/linshare/
199 Fix bug 80 in branche 0.7, retrieve mail image from classpath mlaborie 3276d 18h /branches/0.7/linshare/
197 linshare: add init script tchemineau 3276d 23h /branches/0.7/linshare/

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