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186 [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag linshare-0.7.1 sbahloul 2880d 13h /tags/linshare-0.7.1/
178 Feature #56: No link in email notifying that a shared document has been updated sduprey 2882d 15h /branches/0.7/linshare/
177 Fix Bug #28 : Firstname is set to empty if no givenName in directory mlaborie 2882d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/
176 FIXED #64 mlaborie 2882d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/
175 FIX npe in send email notification mlaborie 2882d 17h /branches/0.7/linshare/
174 Fix Bug #74: Locale fallback sduprey 2882d 18h /branches/0.7/linshare/
173 FIX adding files without extension mlaborie 2882d 18h /branches/0.7/linshare/
172 Add UTF-8 encoding for windows and mac mlaborie 2882d 21h /branches/0.7/linshare/
171 Fix Bug #74: Locale fallback sduprey 2882d 22h /branches/0.7/linshare/
170 Adding a security constraint about SSO Header source IP address sbahloul 2882d 23h /branches/0.7/linshare/
169 Favicon (ICO) updated dcarella 2883d 00h /branches/0.7/linshare/
168 Add windows launch script and reorder properties import mlaborie 2883d 00h /branches/0.7/linshare/
167 Separation of connection url propertie for Internal user. sduprey 2883d 15h /branches/0.7/linshare/
166 Password field is missing mlaborie 2883d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/
165 Adding src/main/resources/ in spring configuration files, overriding and src/test/resources/ sduprey 2883d 17h /branches/0.7/linshare/
164 #44 Add default properties and change installer to configure smtp mlaborie 2883d 18h /branches/0.7/linshare/
163 Official icon added dcarella 2883d 18h /branches/0.7/linshare/
162 In fact, signature is not active, so parameter active_signature=false and not true sduprey 2883d 23h /branches/0.7/linshare/
161 Fixed NPE when trying to remove an not existing thumbnail. sduprey 2884d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/
160 Uncomment share panel, was an error of mine. sduprey 2884d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/

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