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858 LinShare 0.11.0 release fmartin 2489d 06h /tags/linshare-0.11.0/
857 Issue 364 : Correction of the pom nbertrand 2492d 05h /trunk/linshare/
856 Corrected ui error message while trying to share with externals if it's forbidden to do so nbertrand 2499d 06h /trunk/linshare/
855 Bug #308 : Refresh the list with the sorted one nbertrand 2500d 02h /trunk/linshare/
854 Bug #363 : deletion_date reseted if file is shared nbertrand 2505d 06h /trunk/linshare/
853 Feature #362 : Ajout du bouton Upload dans l'onglet Files en mode plateforme d'échange. nbertrand 2505d 06h /trunk/linshare/
852 Updated tests. nbertrand 2507d 05h /trunk/linshare/
851 Remove useless language keys from property files. fmartin 2510d 01h /trunk/linshare/
850 Cleanup of the mail notification service. Added reply-to field. nbertrand 2512d 00h /trunk/linshare/
849 Correction of the search user widget. nbertrand 2512d 00h /trunk/linshare/
848 Issue 325 : Prevent Enter in the Mail Subject field to submit the form nbertrand 2518d 01h /trunk/linshare/
847 Add file comments sharing fmartin 2518d 01h /trunk/linshare/
846 remove wrong directory from previous commit fmartin 2518d 01h /trunk/linshare/
845 Issue 322 : message for missing separator between mails nbertrand 2518d 01h /trunk/linshare/
844 Remove useless file from the repository fmartin 2518d 01h /trunk/linshare/
843 nbertrand 2518d 01h /trunk/linshare/
842 Add missing semi colon wbonnet 2523d 23h /trunk/linshare/
841 Added cancel buttons for admin panel + security on disabled tabs nbertrand 2525d 00h /trunk/linshare/
840 Updating Schema and migration scripts (new attribute fror abstractDomain fmartin 2525d 01h /trunk/linshare/
839 #356: English, and French language files updated [TimeLine messages removed] dcarella 2525d 23h /trunk/linshare/

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