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830 Tag linshare 0.10.6 fmartin 2488d 06h /tags/linshare-0.10.6/
829 Set Linshare 0.10.6 version fmartin 2488d 06h /trunk/linshare/
828 Added warning in case of XSS + working domain move nbertrand 2488d 11h /trunk/linshare/
827 Correct domain list for domain move in root user panel. nbertrand 2494d 09h /trunk/linshare/
826 Fix share exception when a document is aldready shared with the same user. fmartin 2494d 10h /trunk/linshare/
825 Added ui error messages in case of unavailable directory. nbertrand 2495d 10h /trunk/linshare/
824 Checking if LDAP connection is valid. nbertrand 2502d 05h /trunk/linshare/
823 Fix search user in MailContentBuilderServiceTest fmartin 2507d 10h /trunk/linshare/
822 Adding trace to rest API
Adding comment support to uploadFile method in the rest API
fmartin 2507d 10h /trunk/linshare/
821 Added comments for every cron nbertrand 2510d 07h /trunk/linshare/
820 Add share document to a group (REST API) fmartin 2513d 05h /trunk/linshare/
819 Fix debug message (severity change) fmartin 2514d 02h /trunk/linshare/
818 Fix mail port for linshare demo application. fmartin 2514d 07h /trunk/linshare/
817 Disable automatic tests in build_distribution script. fmartin 2514d 07h /trunk/linshare/
816 Fix SubEthaMail message. fmartin 2514d 07h /trunk/linshare/
815 Idle connections killed every 30 minutes to avoid an error from MySQL wait timeout nbertrand 2515d 05h /trunk/linshare/
814 XSSFilter on ConfirmSharePopup nbertrand 2517d 04h /trunk/linshare/
812 Set Linshare 0.10.5 version fmartin 2517d 05h /trunk/linshare/
811 Fix default database engine for mysql.
Add debug trace for DocumentManagementBatch
fmartin 2517d 05h /trunk/linshare/
810 XSSFilter now doesn't encode intl chars to html entities nbertrand 2517d 06h /trunk/linshare/

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