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813 Tag Lishare 0.10.5 fmartin 2859d 12h /tags/linshare-0.10.5/
812 Set Linshare 0.10.5 version fmartin 2859d 12h /trunk/linshare/
811 Fix default database engine for mysql.
Add debug trace for DocumentManagementBatch
fmartin 2859d 12h /trunk/linshare/
810 XSSFilter now doesn't encode intl chars to html entities nbertrand 2859d 13h /trunk/linshare/
809 Fix guest share with restricted communication rules. fmartin 2859d 16h /trunk/linshare/
808 Correction of GuestEditForm popup. nbertrand 2859d 16h /trunk/linshare/
807 Fix Completion for restricted guest.
Fix automatic user creation (it was a side effect from the first bug)
fmartin 2863d 09h /trunk/linshare/
806 Fix authorization check for "broken users" fmartin 2865d 09h /trunk/linshare/
805 Fix guest administration rights for internal users (owners) fmartin 2865d 09h /trunk/linshare/
804 Correction of GuestEditForm's onValidate. nbertrand 2865d 12h /trunk/linshare/
802 set 0.10.4 version fmartin 2866d 10h /trunk/linshare/
801 Correction of QuickSharePopup - created the onValide method for quickShareForm nbertrand 2866d 16h /trunk/linshare/
799 fix logger conf for prod fmartin 2870d 08h /trunk/linshare/
798 set linshare version to 0.10.3 fmartin 2870d 08h /trunk/linshare/
795 XSS Filter corrections. Tests failing ignored. nbertrand 2870d 09h /trunk/linshare/
794 Fix Logger fmartin 2870d 09h /trunk/linshare/
793 Added XSSFilter and XSS filtering in forms. nbertrand 2870d 13h /trunk/linshare/
792 Fix authentication process with ActiveDirectory and blank password. fmartin 2870d 15h /trunk/linshare/
791 Corrected the test of GroupServiceImpl. nbertrand 2872d 11h /trunk/linshare/
790 Add test of GuestRepositoryImpl. Correction of GuestRepositoryImpl.searchGuest. nbertrand 2872d 15h /trunk/linshare/

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