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803 0.10.4 LinShare tag fmartin 2562d 22h /tags/linshare-0.10.4/
802 set 0.10.4 version fmartin 2562d 22h /trunk/linshare/
801 Correction of QuickSharePopup - created the onValide method for quickShareForm nbertrand 2563d 04h /trunk/linshare/
799 fix logger conf for prod fmartin 2566d 20h /trunk/linshare/
798 set linshare version to 0.10.3 fmartin 2566d 20h /trunk/linshare/
795 XSS Filter corrections. Tests failing ignored. nbertrand 2566d 21h /trunk/linshare/
794 Fix Logger fmartin 2566d 21h /trunk/linshare/
793 Added XSSFilter and XSS filtering in forms. nbertrand 2567d 01h /trunk/linshare/
792 Fix authentication process with ActiveDirectory and blank password. fmartin 2567d 03h /trunk/linshare/
791 Corrected the test of GroupServiceImpl. nbertrand 2568d 23h /trunk/linshare/
790 Add test of GuestRepositoryImpl. Correction of GuestRepositoryImpl.searchGuest. nbertrand 2569d 03h /trunk/linshare/
789 Add comments for Crons in* files. fmartin 2582d 23h /trunk/linshare/
788 Add test MailContentBuildingService and correction of searchdocumentfacade ctjhoa 2586d 22h /trunk/linshare/
787 Correction of smtp server wiser.

Add Secured url service test
ctjhoa 2588d 03h /trunk/linshare/
786 Add new Test RecipientFavouriteServiceTest ctjhoa 2589d 01h /trunk/linshare/
785 Add 4 new test :

Correct few bugs on services

Rename Tests Services in order to organize tests
ctjhoa 2589d 04h /trunk/linshare/
783 Set 0.10.2 LinShare version
Add keys for external LinShare and Log4j configuration files
fmartin 2593d 22h /trunk/linshare/
782 Add ShareServiceTest uncompleted and add a TimeUnitBooleanValueFunctionality to correct cleanOutdatedShare ctjhoa 2594d 21h /trunk/linshare/
781 Finish the UserServiceImplTest ctjhoa 2596d 04h /trunk/linshare/
780 Management of guest domain is possible when you disable this functionality
Correction of the footer copyright
ctjhoa 2596d 05h /trunk/linshare/

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