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1780 Fix LinShare version fmartin 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1778 build_distrib script updated from trunk fmartin 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1777 Prevent Enter in mail subject input to submit the ConfirmShareForm nbertrand 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1776 Set LinShare version 0.11.4 fmartin 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1775 createDatabase script for mysql added. fmartin 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1774 Backported fix from r1355
Issue #547: fixed UserVo quals for unicity check (duplicate entries in search)
nbertrand 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1773 Adding createDatabase script for postgresql fmartin 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1772 Updated ck + added mysql sample nbertrand 1578d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1165 Fix #386 : updating activation policy from MANDATORY to FORBIDDEN failed in a subdomain. fmartin 1839d 09h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1149 Fix bug #388 : Display of the share with group button ctjhoa 1845d 15h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1115 Issue #453 : global quota fixed nbertrand 1865d 16h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1104 creation of 0.11.x branch for maintenance purpose from 0.11.3 release fmartin 1871d 11h /branches/maintenance-0.11.x/
1102 Linshare 0.11.3 release fmartin 1871d 11h /tags/linshare-0.11.3/
1101 Set Linshare 0.11.3 version fmartin 1871d 11h /trunk/linshare/
1091 Issue #389 : error.code.relay_host_not_enable key created. nbertrand 1872d 15h /trunk/linshare/
1013 updating linshare logos fmartin 1922d 12h /trunk/linshare/
907 add filename parameter support for document rest service. fmartin 2020d 13h /trunk/linshare/
906 add filename parameter support for document rest service. fmartin 2020d 14h /trunk/linshare/
905 Changed file naming rules in FileEditForm nbertrand 2020d 16h /trunk/linshare/
904 Added migration script for postgresql from 0.9 to 0.10 version. nbertrand 2022d 10h /trunk/linshare/

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