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Rev Log message Author Age Path
1910 Merging trunk : revision 1909. fmartin 1713d 10h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/misc/
1409 Creatino of a branch for integration of autorisation module from DM fmartin 1902d 18h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/misc/
1106 merging linshare-full-upgrade branch into trunk fmartin 2082d 13h /trunk/linshare/misc/
818 Fix mail port for linshare demo application. fmartin 2335d 15h /trunk/linshare/misc/
276 MERGE linshare branch 0.7 r18:r275 into trunk sduprey 3041d 20h /trunk/linshare/misc/
212 init script now can purge temporary files used by jetty tchemineau 3090d 10h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
211 cronjob should not logs + add jetty purge job tchemineau 3090d 10h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
209 add cronjob to backup linshare databases tchemineau 3090d 10h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
197 linshare: add init script tchemineau 3091d 19h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
172 Add UTF-8 encoding for windows and mac mlaborie 3097d 16h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
168 Add windows launch script and reorder properties import mlaborie 3097d 19h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
167 Separation of connection url propertie for Internal user. sduprey 3098d 10h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
164 #44 Add default properties and change installer to configure smtp mlaborie 3098d 13h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
118 Upgrading packaging and locations sbahloul 3118d 15h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
116 Updated script sbahloul 3120d 06h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
107 Adding LinShare home settings to launch script sbahloul 3121d 15h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
102 Fixing svn properties sbahloul 3122d 06h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
90 Adding launching script sbahloul 3122d 17h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
83 Refactord jetty embedding process sbahloul 3140d 02h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/
82 Adding a installer through izpack sbahloul 3141d 04h /branches/0.7/linshare/misc/