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1871 Closing ldap connection. fmartin 1791d 16h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1870 log4j configuration update : (AbstractContextSource info message disabled) fmartin 1791d 17h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1869 log4j configuration update : (AbstractContextSource info message disabled) fmartin 1791d 17h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1512 Adding new ldap auth method (with spring) fmartin 1932d 19h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1499 Ldap tests improved. fmartin 1937d 16h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1484 Refactoring searchUser. fmartin 1938d 19h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1482 Refactoring searchUser to findUser fmartin 1938d 21h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1481 Refactor isUserExist method. fmartin 1938d 22h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1479 Little optimisation of broken user search fmartin 1939d 15h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1478 Ldap search optimisation (getting dn only, not all attributes) fmartin 1939d 15h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1477 Fix mail completion for audit page. fmartin 1939d 15h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1474 Refactoring mail auto complete method. fmartin 1939d 18h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1473 Refactoring search user fmartin 1939d 18h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1472 Fix ldap auth. fmartin 1942d 16h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1470 LdapContext is created dynamicaly. Multiple ldap connections are now available. fmartin 1942d 21h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1467 Refactoring copy of ldap attributes fmartin 1943d 16h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1465 Adding two completion method. fmartin 1943d 19h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1459 fix hibernate query for mysql (domain pattern) fmartin 1946d 19h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1450 Adding facade for completion.
Adding UserProvider and *Provider.
Refactoring completion
fmartin 1950d 15h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/
1436 updating debug traces. fmartin 1956d 21h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/

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