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Rev Log message Author Age Path
1409 Creatino of a branch for integration of autorisation module from DM fmartin 1987d 17h /branches/linshare-1.2.3-ldap-dm/.project
1408 fix import for MailContentBuildingServiceImpl fmartin 1988d 12h /trunk/linshare/.project
1288 Update maven configuration fmartin 2079d 10h /trunk/linshare/.project
1281 exclude misc directory form eclipse validating tool. fmartin 2080d 16h /trunk/linshare/.project
1106 merging linshare-full-upgrade branch into trunk fmartin 2167d 12h /trunk/linshare/.project
688 Linshare 0.9.7 fmartin 2539d 16h /trunk/linshare/.project
277 MERGE linshare branch 0.8 r190:r276 into trunk sduprey 3126d 18h /trunk/linshare/.project
1 Initial import of LinShare sbahloul 3325d 10h /trunk/linshare/.project