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1369 rename branch (jcr ehcache) slevesque 2126d 14h /branches/linshare-1.2.0-jcr-ehcache/
1368 debug information sessionID (loadbalancing) slevesque 2126d 15h /branches/jackrabbitUpgrade/
1348 ehcache + terracotta slevesque 2142d 15h /branches/jackrabbitUpgrade/
1338 upgrade hibernate - EHCache slevesque 2154d 15h /branches/jackrabbitUpgrade/
1335 fix bad import slevesque 2154d 15h /branches/jackrabbitUpgrade/
1302 add jcr cluster configuration (enable several linshare with jcr repository) slevesque 2169d 12h /branches/jackrabbitUpgrade/
1300 jcr upgrade
spring jcr upgrade
add cluster properties
slevesque 2169d 15h /branches/jackrabbitUpgrade/
1298 Fixing css (licence terms div) fmartin 2169d 18h /trunk/linshare/
1297 Updating LinShare version pom to 1.2.0 fmartin 2169d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1296 Adding transaction support to postgres migration script. fmartin 2169d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1295 Adding new LinShare logo fmartin 2170d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1294 Adding technical field for mime type detection into table document fmartin 2174d 18h /trunk/linshare/
1293 refactor accountService fmartin 2175d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1292 Refactor accountService : renaming findByUuid method fmartin 2176d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1291 fix the signature displayer slevesque 2176d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1290 fix the signature displayer slevesque 2177d 12h /trunk/linshare/
1289 Fix charset for REST API fmartin 2177d 12h /trunk/linshare/
1288 Update maven configuration fmartin 2177d 13h /trunk/linshare/
1287 Translation of business exceptions to HTTP error codes fmartin 2177d 19h /trunk/linshare/
1286 Refactor auth for webservice.
authentication check for userWebService an threadWebService according to their activation policies.
fmartin 2178d 12h /trunk/linshare/

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