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744 Fix Share with externals
Add Mode Information
Fix Audit and parameter Menu
fmartin 2524d 01h /branches/
743 New functionality : activation of group tab
Backport completion deactivation.
fmartin 2524d 07h /branches/
742 new functionality :
- disable help page
- disable user page
- disable audit page
fmartin 2525d 03h /branches/
741 Fix search and load user for administrators. fmartin 2526d 02h /branches/
740 Fix share for restricted user. fmartin 2527d 01h /branches/
739 Fix reset passord for guest. fmartin 2527d 07h /branches/
738 Fix delete domain fucntion
Fix GuestCreation
fix completion
fmartin 2530d 00h /branches/
737 Fix duplicate index in postgresql schema fmartin 2537d 02h /branches/
736 fix delete domain method.
fix communication filters for guest domain
fmartin 2540d 00h /branches/
735 Fix guest domain Fucntionality fmartin 2540d 03h /branches/
734 Fix Mysql schema fmartin 2540d 06h /branches/
733 Fix mysql Schema. fmartin 2554d 07h /branches/
732 Fix mysql Schema. fmartin 2554d 07h /branches/
731 Fix postgresql schema
Update mysql schema
fmartin 2555d 06h /branches/
730 commit 0.10.0-rc1 fmartin 2558d 02h /branches/
729 Fix audit fmartin 2558d 02h /branches/
728 fix authorization checks for administration pages. fmartin 2558d 03h /branches/
727 Fix administration fmartin 2558d 23h /branches/
726 Fix MimeTypeFilter fmartin 2558d 23h /branches/
725 Fix MimeTypeFilter fmartin 2559d 00h /branches/

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