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1913 Merge trunk r1912. fmartin 1621d 23h /branches/
1911 Cleaning : old upload and share popups were removed. fmartin 1622d 16h /branches/
1910 Merging trunk : revision 1909. fmartin 1622d 16h /branches/
1901 Fix ldap tests. fmartin 1628d 17h /branches/
1900 Ldap PagedResultsControl support added fmartin 1628d 17h /branches/
1888 Removing useless class (lql) fmartin 1635d 18h /branches/
1887 adding guava dependency. fmartin 1635d 18h /branches/
1879 Refactoring dnToUser (LdapQueryService) fmartin 1636d 15h /branches/
1878 Refactoring ldap query service. fmartin 1636d 17h /branches/
1876 Refactoring ldap search (aatributes) fmartin 1636d 20h /branches/
1875 Fix ldap tests. fmartin 1636d 20h /branches/
1874 Fix search in recipient favourite. fmartin 1636d 20h /branches/
1872 Fix migration sql script (postgresql) fmartin 1637d 19h /branches/
1871 Closing ldap connection. fmartin 1637d 19h /branches/
1870 log4j configuration update : (AbstractContextSource info message disabled) fmartin 1637d 19h /branches/
1869 log4j configuration update : (AbstractContextSource info message disabled) fmartin 1637d 19h /branches/
1803 Closing dev branch linshare-1.3.0-new-guests-ihm fmartin 1684d 22h /branches/
1802 Closing dev branch linshare-1.2.2-diffusion-list fmartin 1684d 22h /branches/
1801 small fix nbertrand 1686d 18h /branches/
1800 Fixed slow loading time in file index page. nbertrand 1686d 18h /branches/

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