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1183 moving 1.0.0 dev branch to closed directory. fmartin 2157d 07h /branches/
1182 adding closed directory fmartin 2157d 07h /branches/
1181 revert closing dev branch 1.0.0 fmartin 2157d 07h /branches/
1165 Fix #386 : updating activation policy from MANDATORY to FORBIDDEN failed in a subdomain. fmartin 2163d 01h /branches/
1161 Try to fixed the bug removing the limit "You can modify one element at the same time" ctjhoa 2167d 02h /branches/
1160 Create new branch in order to resolve the issue #386 ctjhoa 2167d 02h /branches/
1159 Remove the dev branch which is already merge in trunk ctjhoa 2167d 02h /branches/
1153 Reverting previous commit and going back to revision r1151 ctjhoa 2168d 08h /branches/
1152 Fix Bug #442: Add info/warning on login field with disapear when you type mail address ctjhoa 2169d 01h /branches/
1151 Fix Bug #444 : Add a workaround to fix that reset of the fields in domains administration ctjhoa 2169d 02h /branches/
1150 Fix Bug #456 : Fix message when deleting a document in a thread ctjhoa 2169d 07h /branches/
1149 Fix bug #388 : Display of the share with group button ctjhoa 2169d 07h /branches/
1148 Issue #457: Add a request in order to search if a Document Entry is shared or not. ctjhoa 2181d 02h /branches/
1141 Fix of the last commit ctjhoa 2182d 01h /branches/
1140 Feature #463: Add number of documents of each thread in thread list ctjhoa 2182d 01h /branches/
1139 Add a test which fail in linshare 1.0.0-rc1 ctjhoa 2182d 04h /branches/
1138 Remove unused dependencies of DocumentEntryServiceImpl & UserServiceImpl ctjhoa 2182d 08h /branches/
1136 fixed user deletion nbertrand 2183d 03h /branches/
1135 Create new branch in order to fix user deletion in linshare 1.0.0-rc1 ctjhoa 2183d 09h /branches/
1115 Issue #453 : global quota fixed nbertrand 2189d 08h /branches/

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