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167 Separation of connection url propertie for Internal user. sduprey 3162d 00h /branches/0.7/linshare/src/main/java/org/linagora/linShare/view/tapestry/components/
147 Feature #71: Add the ability to customize subject for sharing emails sduprey 3164d 01h /branches/0.7/linshare/src/main/java/org/linagora/linShare/view/tapestry/components/
104 Fixing deprecated import sbahloul 3185d 20h /branches/0.7/linshare/src/main/java/org/linagora/linShare/view/tapestry/components/
43 Dynamic resize of popups (#38) : the ConfirmSharePopup, QuickSharePopup, upload/update file popup and add user popup can now be viewed in 640x480 resolution (minimum usable size). The minimum height resolution to really see popups in their entirety is 700px. sduprey 3246d 04h /branches/0.7/linshare/src/main/java/org/linagora/linShare/view/tapestry/components/
18 Adding 0.7 branch sbahloul 3269d 08h /branches/0.7/linshare/src/main/java/org/linagora/linShare/view/tapestry/components/
1 Initial import of LinShare sbahloul 3304d 01h /branches/0.7/linshare/src/main/java/org/linagora/linShare/view/tapestry/components/