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48 Update pom.xml to 0.4-SNAPSHOT ctjhoa 2354d 03h /trunk/utils/
46 Update to tapestry 5.2.6 ctjhoa 2354d 03h /trunk/utils/
21 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration sbahloul 3158d 01h /trunk/utils/
19 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release utils-0.2 sbahloul 3158d 01h /trunk/utils/
18 Fixing urls sbahloul 3158d 01h /trunk/utils/
17 Fixing urls sbahloul 3158d 01h /trunk/utils/
2 Moving to T5.1 and next component version sbahloul 3230d 08h /trunk/utils/
1 Initial import of LinKIT sbahloul 3322d 06h /trunk/utils/