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Rev Log message Author Age Path
57 Tag flexRenderer 0.8 fmartin 2191d 02h /tags/flexRenderer-0.8
56 Enable snapshot version fmartin 2191d 02h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
54 Update flexRender dependency. fmartin 2191d 02h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
51 Set FlexUpload version to 0.9 fmartin 2191d 02h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
50 fix Assets configuration for tapestry 5.2 fmartin 2191d 02h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
49 Correct a mistake in dependency ctjhoa 2478d 04h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
45 Update pom.xml to version 0.9-SNAPSHOT ctjhoa 2478d 04h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
43 Update to tapestry 5.2.6 ctjhoa 2478d 04h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
35 Adding cursor wait when uploading files sduprey 2844d 08h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
34 Disable upload button after first click. sduprey 3088d 05h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
30 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration sbahloul 3282d 02h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
28 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release flexUploadComponent-0.5 sbahloul 3282d 02h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
5 Fix send upload button sduprey 3313d 03h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
4 Try to fix button not doing its job with T5.1 sduprey 3313d 07h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
2 Moving to T5.1 and next component version sbahloul 3354d 10h /trunk/flexUploadComponent
1 Initial import of LinKIT sbahloul 3446d 08h /trunk/flexUploadComponent