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256 Multiline for olcLimits
Improving display for multilinetext
rouazana 2488d 17h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
255 Add a multiline displayer/editor to easily edit complex attributes (references #159) rouazana 2489d 17h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
216 Use new config objects in interface (references #121) coudot 2675d 17h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
210 Corrections on olcSyncrepl and olcMirrorMode (fix #120) coudot 2700d 17h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
204 Fix #111. rouazana 2713d 16h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
193 Set ordered extension for olcLimits (fixes #114) coudot 2738d 16h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
192 Final commit for #113 rouazana 2738d 23h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
182 Don't display passwords rouazana 2747d 18h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
181 Make olcRootPw not visible rouazana 2747d 18h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
152 Fix #25 rouazana 2760d 17h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
150 Fix #81 rouazana 2783d 22h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
140 SyncRepl subentry use is a boolean coudot 3004d 15h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
139 Add some strings in extended schema (references #75) coudot 3004d 15h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
137 Hide password from config database to prevent errors (references #70) coudot 3004d 22h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
111 Fix #54. rouazana 3055d 17h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
110 olcSyncUseSubentry seems to be available in 2.4. rouazana 3060d 16h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
94 Improving enhanced schema sbahloul 3324d 15h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
91 Major commit to 0.3 sbahloul 3334d 23h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
89 major update to T5.1 and wui-common 0.7 sbahloul 3335d 19h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml
86 Removed olcSubordinate default value and 'FALSE' value sbahloul 3565d 18h /trunk/src/main/resources/eschema/default/olcdatabaseconfig.xml

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