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285 Update Tapestry XSD (references #155) rouazana 2195d 17h /trunk/src/
282 Fix Tapestry error message about HMAC missing rouazana 2201d 18h /trunk/src/
276 Last dependencies upgrades rouazana 2216d 15h /trunk/src/
274 Update most dependencies. rouazana 2220d 20h /trunk/src/
265 Remove izpack packaging and force version in generated archives (references #174) coudot 2269d 21h /trunk/src/
256 Multiline for olcLimits
Improving display for multilinetext
rouazana 2488d 17h /trunk/src/
255 Add a multiline displayer/editor to easily edit complex attributes (references #159) rouazana 2489d 17h /trunk/src/
254 #165 tapestry redirect to HTTPS slevesque 2490d 18h /trunk/src/
253 Fix table header CSS (references #147) coudot 2558d 23h /trunk/src/
252 Add sssvlv support (references #160) coudot 2558d 23h /trunk/src/
251 Fix favicon (#147) rouazana 2626d 17h /trunk/src/
250 Simplify CSS handling (fix #147) rouazana 2626d 18h /trunk/src/
249 Remove unused OutOfDateException and DataStorageException (#146) rouazana 2626d 22h /trunk/src/
246 Use ordering for olcObjectIdentifier (references #110) coudot 2627d 09h /trunk/src/
245 Some modifications on skin after T5.3 migration (references #140) coudot 2627d 10h /trunk/src/
244 Allow schema modification (#110) rouazana 2629d 18h /trunk/src/
243 Fix #143. rouazana 2630d 17h /trunk/src/
242 Values ordering (#141) rouazana 2633d 16h /trunk/src/
241 Don't ignore exceptions rouazana 2633d 19h /trunk/src/
240 Don't ignore exceptions rouazana 2633d 20h /trunk/src/

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