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290 Update copyright notices to 2013
Remove old email addresses
Remove fanf's contact address on his request
rouazana 1872d 23h /trunk/pom.xml
284 Use Spring RequestHeaderAuthenticationFilter (references #185) rouazana 1892d 23h /trunk/pom.xml
281 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 1895d 00h /trunk/pom.xml
280 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 1895d 05h /trunk/pom.xml
279 Fix warning: tasks is deprecated, use target instead (for maven ant plugin) rouazana 1897d 00h /trunk/pom.xml
277 Upgrade maven jetty plugin to latest (9.0.0 for the moment) rouazana 1897d 01h /trunk/pom.xml
276 Last dependencies upgrades rouazana 1909d 20h /trunk/pom.xml
275 Upgrade to Spring Security 3.1 rouazana 1910d 21h /trunk/pom.xml
274 Update most dependencies. rouazana 1914d 01h /trunk/pom.xml
273 Use LinID 2.0 (references #173) coudot 1937d 21h /trunk/pom.xml
266 Set next release to 1.0 coudot 1963d 02h /trunk/pom.xml
265 Remove izpack packaging and force version in generated archives (references #174) coudot 1963d 02h /trunk/pom.xml
259 Update version in the trunk coudot 2181d 04h /trunk/pom.xml
257 Update project files for 0.7 release coudot 2181d 05h /trunk/pom.xml
248 Trunk is now 0.7 coudot 2320d 04h /trunk/pom.xml
222 Migration to Tapestry 5.3.1 (#140) rouazana 2333d 21h /trunk/pom.xml
221 Update trunk to 0.6-SNAPSHOT and use LinID DM 2.0-SNAPSHOT coudot 2334d 20h /trunk/pom.xml
219 Update POM version for 0.5 release coudot 2334d 20h /trunk/pom.xml
218 Use LinID DM 1.0 release coudot 2343d 22h /trunk/pom.xml
207 New version rouazana 2406d 20h /trunk/pom.xml

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