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289 - if the pid file is present but the pid processus is not launched, the init script now returns the correct status, for the following goals :
* status : real status
* stop : says already stop and doesn't try to stop if the process does not exist
* start : says already started and doesn't try to start if the process does not exist

- correction for the restart function (didn't work because of bad use of "exit" in functions, now replaced by "return")

- better compatibility for the evaluation of a process presence. (works on debian, centos, opensuse)

(references #168)
dcoutadeur 1971d 17h /trunk/misc/
283 Fix Jetty download URL
Upgrade to Jetty 9.0.1
rouazana 1988d 18h /trunk/misc/
278 Upgrade Jetty for distribution to Jetty 9
Remove jetty files, they are downloaded when building the sample project with -Dtarget=distribution (references #133)
rouazana 1992d 18h /trunk/misc/
272 Force BASH (references #168) coudot 2054d 14h /trunk/misc/
271 Export env to configure jetty init script (references #168) coudot 2054d 14h /trunk/misc/
270 Display help if wrong action (references #168) coudot 2054d 15h /trunk/misc/
269 Fix test for Jetty (references #168) coudot 2054d 15h /trunk/misc/
268 Add a message if Jetty is not found (references #168) coudot 2054d 15h /trunk/misc/
267 Change default settings (references #168) coudot 2054d 15h /trunk/misc/
264 Use an external file to configure init script (references #168) coudot 2059d 14h /trunk/misc/
263 Rename init script (references #168) coudot 2059d 14h /trunk/misc/
262 - minor corrections
(references #168)
dcoutadeur 2079d 15h /trunk/misc/
261 - corrections mineures dcoutadeur 2079d 16h /trunk/misc/
260 - adding an initscript for openldap manager, with start / stop / restart / status
- works on Centos and Debian
(references #168)
dcoutadeur 2079d 20h /trunk/misc/
107 Ignore setting sbahloul 3113d 14h /trunk/misc/
91 Major commit to 0.3 sbahloul 3123d 22h /trunk/misc/