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206 Fix tag version rouazana 2499d 20h /tags/0.4/
205 Tag version 0.4 rouazana 2499d 20h /tags/0.4/
204 Fix #111. rouazana 2499d 20h /trunk/
203 Remove security warning (references #94) coudot 2499d 21h /trunk/
202 Allow to use the connection directly when creating it (#94) rouazana 2499d 21h /trunk/
201 CSS work on connection configuration list (references #46) coudot 2499d 22h /trunk/
200 NPE fix (#94) rouazana 2500d 19h /trunk/
199 CSS modifications for connection list (references #94) coudot 2504d 21h /trunk/
198 Fix #94. rouazana 2506d 20h /trunk/
197 Fix typo rouazana 2506d 22h /trunk/
196 Fix #94 rouazana 2507d 01h /trunk/
195 Add ordered extension for olcDbIDAssertAuthzFrom, olcRwmRewrite and olcRwmMap (references #116) coudot 2520d 23h /trunk/
194 Fix values of olcAccessLogOps (fixes #115) coudot 2524d 20h /trunk/
193 Set ordered extension for olcLimits (fixes #114) coudot 2524d 20h /trunk/
192 Final commit for #113 rouazana 2525d 03h /trunk/
191 Partial commit for #113 rouazana 2525d 20h /trunk/
190 Final work for #75. rouazana 2526d 21h /trunk/
189 Partial fix for #94:
- choose if you want to store your password
- don't display passwords
rouazana 2527d 22h /trunk/
188 Enhance message to create monitor backend rouazana 2528d 21h /trunk/
187 Fix too verbose message on deleting rouazana 2531d 21h /trunk/

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