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292 Remove warnings rouazana 1420d 02h /
291 Implement pre/post processing while deleting entries (references #203) rouazana 1853d 03h /
290 Update copyright notices to 2013
Remove old email addresses
Remove fanf's contact address on his request
rouazana 1936d 02h /
289 - if the pid file is present but the pid processus is not launched, the init script now returns the correct status, for the following goals :
* status : real status
* stop : says already stop and doesn't try to stop if the process does not exist
* start : says already started and doesn't try to start if the process does not exist

- correction for the restart function (didn't work because of bad use of "exit" in functions, now replaced by "return")

- better compatibility for the evaluation of a process presence. (works on debian, centos, opensuse)

(references #168)
dcoutadeur 1939d 02h /
288 Use index component in MDB backend (references #194) coudot 1943d 08h /
287 Remove old logo used in favicon (references #176) coudot 1945d 00h /
286 Use current LinID Logo (references #176) coudot 1946d 02h /
285 Update Tapestry XSD (references #155) rouazana 1952d 01h /
284 Use Spring RequestHeaderAuthenticationFilter (references #185) rouazana 1956d 02h /
283 Fix Jetty download URL
Upgrade to Jetty 9.0.1
rouazana 1956d 03h /
282 Fix Tapestry error message about HMAC missing rouazana 1958d 03h /
281 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 1958d 03h /
280 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 1958d 08h /
279 Fix warning: tasks is deprecated, use target instead (for maven ant plugin) rouazana 1960d 03h /
278 Upgrade Jetty for distribution to Jetty 9
Remove jetty files, they are downloaded when building the sample project with -Dtarget=distribution (references #133)
rouazana 1960d 03h /
277 Upgrade maven jetty plugin to latest (9.0.0 for the moment) rouazana 1960d 04h /
276 Last dependencies upgrades rouazana 1973d 00h /
275 Upgrade to Spring Security 3.1 rouazana 1974d 00h /
274 Update most dependencies. rouazana 1977d 04h /
273 Use LinID 2.0 (references #173) coudot 2001d 01h /

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