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311 Add enableZoom parameter, default to false (references #149) coudot 3311d 20h /wui/trunk/src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/PhotoDisplayer.tml
310 A <div> cannot be in a <a> (references #149) coudot 3311d 21h /wui/trunk/src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/PhotoDisplayer.tml
309 Move title in the correct div to display it in the dialog title bar (references #149) coudot 3311d 21h /wui/trunk/src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/PhotoDisplayer.tml
305 Feature #149 fix photo size with css slevesque 3319d 18h /wui/trunk/src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/PhotoDisplayer.tml
290 display users photos clean and i18n #149 slevesque 3331d 20h /wui/trunk/src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/PhotoDisplayer.tml
288 display users photos (work in progress - first release) #149 slevesque 3338d 00h /wui/trunk/src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/PhotoDisplayer.tml