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535 Tag 2.1.4 rouazana 1197d 08h /wui/tags/2.1.4
531 Tag 2.1.3 rouazana 1200d 06h /wui/tags/2.1.3
527 In autocomplete, first result should be exact match: better implementation (references #224) rouazana 1218d 06h /wui/branches/2.1
526 In autocomplete, first result should be exact match (references #224) rouazana 1284d 05h /wui/branches/2.1
521 Access behind a proxy: replace toAbsoluteURI by toURI + trunk port (references #222) rouazana 1371d 06h /wui/branches/2.1
520 Fix autocomplete behind a proxy (references #220) rouazana 1384d 14h /wui/branches/2.1
519 Fix modification of a photo behind a proxy (references #219) rouazana 1389d 08h /wui/branches/2.1
517 Update branch dependencies rouazana 1463d 13h /wui/branches/2.1
501 New storage service for photoDisplayer/photoEditor using jpegPhoto attribute (references #218) rouazana 1496d 08h /wui/branches/2.1
500 Add missing version rouazana 1620d 06h /wui/branches/2.1
499 Add pré and post processing to move operation rouazana 1620d 12h /wui/branches/2.1
498 Fix parent dependency rouazana 1621d 09h /wui/branches/2.1
497 Create 2.1 branch coudot 1621d 12h /wui/branches/2.1
450 Tag LinID DM 2.1 coudot 1820d 06h /wui/tags/2.1
447 Create a new service to handle photo storage
File implementation of this service
New function to rename a photo in this service
rouazana 1879d 10h /wui/trunk
446 Fix associate component which was broken with pagination rouazana 1880d 07h /wui/trunk
443 Display the date with the time zone of the browser (references #207) rouazana 2104d 08h /wui/trunk
442 Service for Password Policy, and implementation for OpenLDAP (references #208) coudot 2106d 12h /wui/trunk
439 Expose entry parameter getter and setter rouazana 2148d 07h /wui/trunk
438 Use dnDisplayer when editing is not allowed for an autocomplete attribute (references #204) rouazana 2148d 07h /wui/trunk

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