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535 Tag 2.1.4 rouazana 1197d 09h /wui/tags/2.1.4/pom.xml
531 Tag 2.1.3 rouazana 1200d 07h /wui/tags/2.1.3/pom.xml
520 Fix autocomplete behind a proxy (references #220) rouazana 1384d 14h /wui/branches/2.1/pom.xml
519 Fix modification of a photo behind a proxy (references #219) rouazana 1389d 08h /wui/branches/2.1/pom.xml
517 Update branch dependencies rouazana 1463d 14h /wui/branches/2.1/pom.xml
500 Add missing version rouazana 1620d 07h /wui/branches/2.1/pom.xml
498 Fix parent dependency rouazana 1621d 09h /wui/branches/2.1/pom.xml
497 Create 2.1 branch coudot 1621d 12h /wui/branches/2.1/pom.xml
450 Tag LinID DM 2.1 coudot 1820d 07h /wui/tags/2.1/pom.xml
392 More pom cleaning rouazana 2257d 08h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
391 Use Spring RequestHeaderAuthenticationFilter (references #185) rouazana 2257d 09h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
386 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 2259d 10h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
384 Force Spring version rouazana 2259d 14h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
383 Merge r345 r380 into trunk (references #179) rouazana 2259d 15h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
382 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 2259d 15h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
373 Upgrade Tapestry component report rouazana 2264d 07h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
372 Upgrade to last slf4j 1.7.5 rouazana 2264d 07h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
371 Upgrade from OpenDS to OpenDJ (references #132) rouazana 2264d 08h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
350 Silent slf4j warnings rouazana 2271d 10h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
342 Last dependencies upgrades rouazana 2274d 06h /wui/trunk/pom.xml

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