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505 Replace css class t-invisible by hidden rouazana 2119d 22h /wui/branches/Tapestry-5.4-beta/
504 Migration to T5.4 rouazana 2119d 22h /wui/branches/Tapestry-5.4-beta/
503 Create branch for Tapestry 5.4 experimentation rouazana 2120d 00h /wui/branches/Tapestry-5.4-beta/
493 Remove warnings rouazana 2350d 22h /wui/trunk/
452 Prevent event to be bubbled up, causing changing localization submitting other forms rouazana 2439d 03h /wui/trunk/
450 Tag LinID DM 2.1 coudot 2449d 20h /wui/trunk/
447 Create a new service to handle photo storage
File implementation of this service
New function to rename a photo in this service
rouazana 2509d 00h /wui/trunk/
446 Fix associate component which was broken with pagination rouazana 2509d 21h /wui/trunk/
443 Display the date with the time zone of the browser (references #207) rouazana 2733d 22h /wui/trunk/
442 Service for Password Policy, and implementation for OpenLDAP (references #208) coudot 2736d 02h /wui/trunk/
439 Expose entry parameter getter and setter rouazana 2777d 21h /wui/trunk/
438 Use dnDisplayer when editing is not allowed for an autocomplete attribute (references #204) rouazana 2777d 21h /wui/trunk/
437 Implement pre/post processing while deleting entries (references #203) rouazana 2783d 23h /wui/trunk/
436 Graphical component for CSV export (references #202) coudot 2788d 22h /wui/trunk/
435 LdapTreeDisplayer now needs the first structure to display, not the parent structure. Allow to display children correctly (references #201) rouazana 2795d 22h /wui/trunk/
434 Simple component to display LDAP trees (references #201) rouazana 2797d 21h /wui/trunk/
433 Fix logic inversion resulting in array out of bound rouazana 2799d 23h /wui/trunk/
432 Pass userUid in context in the event creation link (references #200) coudot 2800d 00h /wui/trunk/
431 Fix and enhance associate component rouazana 2804d 22h /wui/trunk/
429 Missing file in previous commit (references #199)
Done in previous commit too: allow to parse easily variable length DN in DnDisplayer.
rouazana 2805d 23h /wui/trunk/

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