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505 Replace css class t-invisible by hidden rouazana 2119d 22h /wui/branches/
504 Migration to T5.4 rouazana 2119d 22h /wui/branches/
503 Create branch for Tapestry 5.4 experimentation rouazana 2120d 00h /wui/branches/
501 New storage service for photoDisplayer/photoEditor using jpegPhoto attribute (references #218) rouazana 2125d 22h /wui/branches/
500 Add missing version rouazana 2249d 20h /wui/branches/
499 Add pré and post processing to move operation rouazana 2250d 02h /wui/branches/
498 Fix parent dependency rouazana 2250d 23h /wui/branches/
497 Create 2.1 branch coudot 2251d 02h /wui/branches/
380 Specific exception when uploaded photo is not a valid JPEG (references #179) rouazana 2890d 21h /wui/branches/
345 Accept only JPEG photos (references #179) rouazana 2902d 22h /wui/branches/
344 Create 2.0 branch to work on 2.0.1 release coudot 2903d 03h /wui/branches/
220 Remove temporary branch slevesque 3329d 22h /wui/branches/
215 Fix previous commit rouazana 3334d 20h /wui/branches/
214 Fix many other warnings rouazana 3334d 20h /wui/branches/
212 Remove more warnings rouazana 3335d 03h /wui/branches/
211 Replace deprecated @Retain by @Persist rouazana 3335d 03h /wui/branches/
210 Remove deprecated @PageAttached annotation rouazana 3335d 03h /wui/branches/
209 Fix localization of specific validation messages rouazana 3335d 20h /wui/branches/
207 RenderSupport is deprecated, replaced by JavaScriptSupport rouazana 3335d 21h /wui/branches/
206 BeanBlockContribution(..., boolean) is deprecated. rouazana 3335d 22h /wui/branches/

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