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345 Accept only JPEG photos (references #179) rouazana 2860d 00h /wui/branches/2.0/pom.xml
344 Create 2.0 branch to work on 2.0.1 release coudot 2860d 04h /wui/branches/2.0/pom.xml
332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2888d 23h /wui/tags/2.0/pom.xml
257 change tapestry version slevesque 3271d 23h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
254 Fix launching issue with mvn jetty:run rouazana 3273d 05h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
251 Update tapestry-testify (references #144) coudot 3273d 17h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
221 Move to Java 1.6 rouazana 3287d 00h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
218 Migrate to Tapestry 5.3.1 (#131) slevesque 3287d 00h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
197 LinID DM trunk version is now 2.0-SNAPSHOT coudot 3295d 01h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
195 Update all pom.xml for release coudot 3295d 01h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
138 Update maven repositories for Version 99 and JBoss (references #90) coudot 3441d 23h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
48 Adding support for i18n in enhanced schema (#36) sbahloul 3899d 16h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
26 Adding dependency to parent artifact sbahloul 3904d 22h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
16 Add the ability to configure types in eschema with a bean. Some related changes:
- move LdapValueDisplayer from sample to wui
- define and reuse principalDn from context
- remove gid, park and user types and use ldapselect or ldapvalueselect instead with appropriated parameters
rouazana 3950d 00h /wui/trunk/pom.xml
1 Moving from InterLDAP to LinID Directory Manager sbahloul 3958d 04h /wui/trunk/pom.xml