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427 - Return the post-processed entry when creating an entry
- Post-create must use the entry return by pre-create, not the original one
rouazana 2582d 18h /wui/
421 Some cleaning (references #53) coudot 2605d 18h /wui/
420 Move PpolicyHistoryDisplayer and PpolicyLockDisplayer in WUI (references #196) coudot 2605d 18h /wui/
419 Move LdapBooleanDisplayer in WUI (references #196) coudot 2605d 18h /wui/
417 Move DateDisplayer in WUI (references #196) coudot 2605d 18h /wui/
403 Update copyright notices to 2013
Remove old email addresses
Remove fanf's contact address on his request
rouazana 2624d 17h /wui/
397 Add quotes in xmlns markups to avoid Tapestry error (references #155) coudot 2632d 19h /wui/
393 Update Tapestry XSD (references #155) rouazana 2640d 16h /wui/
392 More pom cleaning rouazana 2644d 16h /wui/
391 Use Spring RequestHeaderAuthenticationFilter (references #185) rouazana 2644d 17h /wui/
388 Tag LinID DM 2.0.1 coudot 2646d 15h /wui/
386 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 2646d 18h /wui/
384 Force Spring version rouazana 2646d 22h /wui/
383 Merge r345 r380 into trunk (references #179) rouazana 2646d 23h /wui/
382 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 2646d 23h /wui/
380 Specific exception when uploaded photo is not a valid JPEG (references #179) rouazana 2648d 16h /wui/
373 Upgrade Tapestry component report rouazana 2651d 16h /wui/
372 Upgrade to last slf4j 1.7.5 rouazana 2651d 16h /wui/
371 Upgrade from OpenDS to OpenDJ (references #132) rouazana 2651d 16h /wui/
369 Migrate from Prototype to JQuery (references #190) rouazana 2652d 17h /wui/

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