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335 Update most dependencies. rouazana 2695d 18h /wui/
333 LinID DM trunk is now 2.1-SNAPSHOT coudot 2719d 15h /wui/
332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2719d 15h /wui/
330 Fix creation in sample (broken by r299) rouazana 2830d 16h /wui/
329 Change Password component: add ability to check old password rouazana 2859d 16h /wui/
327 Add a multiline displayer/editor to easily edit complex attributes (references #159) rouazana 2964d 15h /wui/
326 Fix some attributes modified while not explicitly modified by the user (references #167) rouazana 2964d 16h /wui/
325 Handle LDAPS servers (references #166) rouazana 2965d 20h /wui/
324 change visibility (for constant) slevesque 2968d 19h /wui/
323 photoDisplayer (if no photo is available use local component asset) slevesque 2977d 16h /wui/
320 gestion de la nomenclature "type de messagerie" et "type de droit" 5248 5103 slevesque 2999d 14h /wui/
319 Remove unused logger (references #149) coudot 3012d 17h /wui/
318 UploadException should not be catched in component but in the page (references #149) coudot 3012d 21h /wui/
315 Expose more functions rouazana 3056d 18h /wui/
314 Refactor component to be more extensible rouazana 3059d 16h /wui/
313 Possibility to set a disclaimer in the message catalog (references #149) coudot 3059d 16h /wui/
312 Improve HTML and CSS code for PhotoEditor and PhotoDisplayer (references #149) coudot 3061d 13h /wui/
311 Add enableZoom parameter, default to false (references #149) coudot 3061d 15h /wui/
310 A <div> cannot be in a <a> (references #149) coudot 3061d 16h /wui/
309 Move title in the correct div to display it in the dialog title bar (references #149) coudot 3061d 16h /wui/

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