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332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2969d 19h /sample/tags/2.0
331 Improve date parsing: LDAP dates are by default in GMT timezone. rouazana 2995d 18h /sample/trunk
328 Fix a bug with IE 7 loading 2 times pages while searching for specific CSS layout. rouazana 3200d 18h /sample/trunk
321 Fix that some characters are not correctly handle in password field (example: '+') rouazana 3232d 21h /sample/trunk
317 Fix previous commit rouazana 3296d 19h /sample/trunk
316 Correct pom.xml to resolve dependencies using the Nexus server coudot 3302d 18h /sample/trunk
294 Add an AddressDisplayer component (references #157). rouazana 3327d 20h /sample/trunk
292 Add an EmailDisplayer component (references #156). rouazana 3328d 00h /sample/trunk
288 display users photos (work in progress - first release) #149 slevesque 3338d 00h /sample/trunk
287 Use same icons in creation than in modification rouazana 3339d 19h /sample/trunk
286 Fix #150 rouazana 3339d 19h /sample/trunk
285 Some CSS for the tree (references #135) coudot 3339d 20h /sample/trunk
283 Adapt CSS for action bar (references #135) coudot 3339d 20h /sample/trunk
282 Correct CSS for form (name changed into id) (references #135) coudot 3339d 20h /sample/trunk
281 Do not display connected user if user is not logged (references #135) coudot 3339d 21h /sample/trunk
280 Center language select box (references #135) coudot 3339d 23h /sample/trunk
279 Reload the tree when needed rouazana 3341d 00h /sample/trunk
278 Removed commented duplicated code rouazana 3341d 00h /sample/trunk
277 Invalidate the session when login rouazana 3341d 00h /sample/trunk
275 More translations rouazana 3341d 19h /sample/trunk

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