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332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2969d 18h /sample/tags/2.0/pom.xml
317 Fix previous commit rouazana 3296d 18h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
316 Correct pom.xml to resolve dependencies using the Nexus server coudot 3302d 18h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
257 change tapestry version slevesque 3352d 18h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
233 Remove tapestry-jquery: already imported from wui rouazana 3359d 18h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
224 Upgrade JQuery rouazana 3366d 17h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
221 Move to Java 1.6 rouazana 3367d 19h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
218 Migrate to Tapestry 5.3.1 (#131) slevesque 3367d 20h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
197 LinID DM trunk version is now 2.0-SNAPSHOT coudot 3375d 20h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
195 Update all pom.xml for release coudot 3375d 21h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
161 Make it work in Indigo rouazana 3456d 21h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
126 Fix format sbahloul 3730d 02h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
85 removing duplicated jetty:run sbahloul 3958d 12h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
77 Add repository for tapestry-jquery rouazana 3963d 20h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
62 Adding a LAUNCH file and fixing installation process sbahloul 3972d 13h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
37 Fixing packaging issues sbahloul 3984d 20h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
31 Fixing pom.xml build file sbahloul 3984d 22h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
18 Adding OpenDS profile and fix Spring dependencies sbahloul 3985d 18h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
14 Add JQuery dependency rouazana 4031d 22h /sample/trunk/pom.xml
1 Moving from InterLDAP to LinID Directory Manager sbahloul 4038d 23h /sample/trunk/pom.xml