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496 Better fix for reading external config files (references #206) rouazana 2020d 18h /sample/
493 Remove warnings rouazana 2105d 18h /sample/
492 Integreted workflows can now call doTask page if more information is necessary (references #183) rouazana 2116d 17h /sample/
491 Implementation of an integrated delete workflow (references #183) rouazana 2116d 19h /sample/
489 Radial gradient for background (references #210) coudot 2127d 18h /sample/
488 Remove input-lg (references #210) coudot 2127d 18h /sample/
487 Fix DnDisplayer (references #210) coudot 2127d 18h /sample/
486 Use responsive tables (references #210) coudot 2127d 19h /sample/
485 Better view on small devices (references #210) coudot 2130d 16h /sample/
484 Remove bootstrap branch, reintegrated with trunk in r483 coudot 2130d 20h /sample/
483 Merge bootstrap branch in trunk (references #210) coudot 2130d 20h /sample/
482 Merge latest trunk with bootstrap branch (references #210) coudot 2130d 20h /sample/
481 Bootstrap for sudo rules (references #210) coudot 2130d 20h /sample/
480 Bootstrap for applications (references #210) coudot 2130d 21h /sample/
479 Bootstrap for workflows (references #210) coudot 2130d 21h /sample/
478 Bootstrap for entry creation (references #210) coudot 2131d 00h /sample/
477 Fix attribute viewer (references #210) coudot 2131d 01h /sample/
476 Bootstrap for photo change page (references #210) coudot 2131d 01h /sample/
475 Bootstrap for search form (references #210) coudot 2131d 01h /sample/
474 Bootstrap for password change page (references #210) coudot 2131d 16h /sample/

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