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424 Help messages (references #197) coudot 2745d 09h /sample/
423 First help messages (references #197) coudot 2747d 04h /sample/
422 Set localte for PpolicyHistoryDisplayer and PpolicyLockDisplayer (references #196) coudot 2747d 06h /sample/
420 Move PpolicyHistoryDisplayer and PpolicyLockDisplayer in WUI (references #196) coudot 2747d 06h /sample/
419 Move LdapBooleanDisplayer in WUI (references #196) coudot 2747d 07h /sample/
418 Simple test page for components (references #196) coudot 2747d 07h /sample/
417 Move DateDisplayer in WUI (references #196) coudot 2747d 07h /sample/
416 Remove unused components (references #35) coudot 2747d 09h /sample/
415 Remove unused post processing modules (references #35) coudot 2747d 10h /sample/
414 Remove unused components (references #35) coudot 2747d 10h /sample/
413 Fix typo in translation file (references #181) coudot 2752d 04h /sample/
412 Translate person and organizationalperson extended schema (references #181) coudot 2752d 04h /sample/
411 Use smoothness theme (references #186) coudot 2752d 05h /sample/
410 Replace favicon in login page (references #187) coudot 2752d 06h /sample/
409 Replace favicon (references #187) coudot 2752d 07h /sample/
408 Remove unused blackbird script (references #35) coudot 2752d 07h /sample/
407 Center dialog text (references #186) coudot 2752d 07h /sample/
406 Use Tapestry JQuery dialog component (references #186) coudot 2752d 07h /sample/
405 Remove unused components, and display hoursInWeek component (references #35) coudot 2752d 09h /sample/
404 Remove unused packages (references #35) coudot 2752d 11h /sample/

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