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335 Update most dependencies. rouazana 2695d 18h /core/
333 LinID DM trunk is now 2.1-SNAPSHOT coudot 2719d 14h /core/
332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2719d 14h /core/
322 Simple fix for #164 rouazana 2979d 20h /core/
284 Fix #152 rouazana 3089d 15h /core/
271 Revert r270 + make all loggers static (and private final) rouazana 3094d 19h /core/
270 Remove useless logs, or implement them only where necessary; rouazana 3095d 18h /core/
249 Refactor attribute definition ordering test rouazana 3108d 13h /core/
248 Fix #130. rouazana 3108d 13h /core/
243 Fix Javadoc rouazana 3108d 19h /core/
242 Fix TODO: add a IESchemaClassDefinitionComparator rouazana 3108d 20h /core/
240 Fix an other TODO rouazana 3108d 20h /core/
236 Use already existing Spring function rouazana 3109d 12h /core/
235 Fix #64: LDAP injection protection rouazana 3109d 12h /core/
221 Move to Java 1.6 rouazana 3117d 15h /core/
217 Test that #89 has been fixed. rouazana 3118d 14h /core/
214 Fix many other warnings rouazana 3122d 13h /core/
204 Remove many warnings rouazana 3123d 15h /core/
202 Fix #124. rouazana 3124d 13h /core/
197 LinID DM trunk version is now 2.0-SNAPSHOT coudot 3125d 16h /core/

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