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516 Tag 2.1.1 rouazana 1225d 23h /authorization/tags/2.1.1/pom.xml
515 Branch 2.1 rouazana 1225d 23h /authorization/branches/2.1/pom.xml
450 Tag LinID DM 2.1 coudot 1582d 15h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
382 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 2022d 00h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
342 Last dependencies upgrades rouazana 2036d 15h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
335 Update most dependencies. rouazana 2040d 20h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
333 LinID DM trunk is now 2.1-SNAPSHOT coudot 2064d 16h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
204 Remove many warnings rouazana 2468d 17h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
197 LinID DM trunk version is now 2.0-SNAPSHOT coudot 2470d 18h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
195 Update all pom.xml for release coudot 2470d 19h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
132 Adding authorization dependency sbahloul 2825d 00h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
24 Moving most configuration in parent artifact sbahloul 3080d 16h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml
1 Moving from InterLDAP to LinID Directory Manager sbahloul 3133d 21h /authorization/trunk/pom.xml