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332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2969d 20h /authorization/tags/2.0
308 Remove unnecessary logging when a DN is dereferenced. rouazana 3311d 23h /authorization/trunk
271 Revert r270 + make all loggers static (and private final) rouazana 3345d 01h /authorization/trunk
269 A little more on previous commit rouazana 3346d 01h /authorization/trunk
268 More javascript/rhino optimization: compute less often complex javascript object rouazana 3346d 01h /authorization/trunk
267 More optimizations for Javascript/Rhino rouazana 3346d 19h /authorization/trunk
265 Javascript/Rhino optimization: don't load useless libs rouazana 3346d 20h /authorization/trunk
222 Some cleaning + Fix #139 rouazana 3366d 19h /authorization/trunk
214 Fix many other warnings rouazana 3372d 19h /authorization/trunk
204 Remove many warnings rouazana 3373d 21h /authorization/trunk
197 LinID DM trunk version is now 2.0-SNAPSHOT coudot 3375d 22h /authorization/trunk
195 Update all pom.xml for release coudot 3375d 23h /authorization/trunk
194 Remove LQL unit tests, need to be fixed in a future release coudot 3375d 23h /authorization/trunk
193 Remove GER unit test, feature not really used for now, to be fixed in a future release coudot 3376d 01h /authorization/trunk
168 Remove TODO for Context.enter (references #119) coudot 3431d 20h /authorization/trunk
167 Fix bug with thread associated context in Rhino (references #119) coudot 3431d 20h /authorization/trunk
141 Fix #77 ( handle communication exception when directory server is stopped and restarted rouazana 3507d 20h /authorization/trunk
133 Adding license sbahloul 3730d 04h /authorization/trunk
132 Adding authorization dependency sbahloul 3730d 04h /authorization/trunk
103 Other fix for r100. In fact null seems not to be problematic, if it is catched early enough. rouazana 3934d 23h /authorization/trunk

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