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Rev Log message Author Age Path
534 Tag 2.1.4 rouazana 1172d 23h /authorization
530 Tag 2.1.3 rouazana 1175d 21h /authorization
524 Tag 2.1.2 rouazana 1346d 21h /authorization
516 Tag 2.1.1 rouazana 1439d 04h /authorization
515 Branch 2.1 rouazana 1439d 04h /authorization
450 Tag LinID DM 2.1 coudot 1795d 21h /authorization
430 Little optimization, thanks to F. Martin: don't return all attributes when only DN is needed. rouazana 2152d 00h /authorization
425 Allow cache for DnList to be cleared easily rouazana 2172d 05h /authorization
403 Update copyright notices to 2013
Remove old email addresses
Remove fanf's contact address on his request
rouazana 2212d 23h /authorization
388 Tag LinID DM 2.0.1 coudot 2234d 21h /authorization
382 Clean pom.xml files rouazana 2235d 05h /authorization
379 Update Spring xml schema version rouazana 2236d 23h /authorization
371 Upgrade from OpenDS to OpenDJ (references #132) rouazana 2239d 22h /authorization
344 Create 2.0 branch to work on 2.0.1 release coudot 2249d 03h /authorization
342 Last dependencies upgrades rouazana 2249d 21h /authorization
335 Update most dependencies. rouazana 2254d 02h /authorization
333 LinID DM trunk is now 2.1-SNAPSHOT coudot 2277d 22h /authorization
332 Tag LinID DM 2.0 coudot 2277d 22h /authorization
308 Remove unnecessary logging when a DN is dereferenced. rouazana 2620d 00h /authorization
271 Revert r270 + make all loggers static (and private final) rouazana 2653d 02h /authorization

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